A Porsche
It has to be the most unique and artful car magazine, ever. Seriously.
— Marco D.
I subscribed and then bought subscriptions for three friends. I’m a huge car guy, so I’ve seen and read it all. Having said that, this publication stands out. Its quality makes it an occasion to sit down and take it in. The photography, print quality, paper quality, layout, writing, etc are a step above the usual car publication droning. This is worth every penny.
— J. Conklin
Thank you many times over for chronicling Porsche as you have with this MoMA/Louvre/Smithsonian document.
— Kevin G
Holy cow, you guys have nailed it. This is a Porsche-nerd’s dream.
— Ryan 0
Once again, the topics, text, and photography are mesmerizing! As usual, I tried to pace myself by limiting my reading to a single feature and a shorter article per night… I loved reading the feature on the GT4 Clubsport development. Brilliant!
— John K.
Beyond 1st class.
— Rick C.
The interval between issues is just about ideal. I just finished the last issue the other night. It’s kind of like a great whiskey; I wait for a good time to read it, usually at night when I know I won’t get disturbed, because I don’t want anything else interfering. I’m ready for a renewal form anytime.
— Rob Y.
Carrera RS Porsche
The design, writing, and photography are as good as it gets.
— Chance M.
I have been absolutely absorbed by your brilliant Issue 000. The writing and images are superb. I eagerly await issue 001 which you’ve efficiently advised is on its way. Being treated like this puts your product at the highest level, leaving any competition way behind!
— Bennick H
It is the best magazine I have ever seen—it is better than I could have imagined. You must subscribe to this if you haven’t already.
— Albert L.
It’s so nice that I don’t want to open it. There should be two copies—one for reading and one for saving.
— Dan E.
Porsche driving on a track
The printing and photographs are indeed fantastic. Some may question value, wondering what 000 content adds beyond that of other regular Porsche magazines, and my impression so far is that the articles reflect a deeper, unique level of access to folks within Porsche and their document archives. For the price of 15 lattes, my perception of value is really quite high.
— Mark S.
…the most amazing automotive publication I have ever seen. Some of the research boggles the mind.
— Bill P.
What a great way to end the day. I am awestruck by the attention that was paid to shipping 000. The stories look amazing, with new photos and copies of Porsche archive documents.
— Warner H.
Porsche component parts infographic
Mine just arrived. It even smells good!
— Lee F.
I still haven’t taken it out of the plastic wrap. Part of me wants to preserve it like a rare and collectible comic book.
— Mike M.
Broke open Issue 000 last night…not sure what superlative(s) would capture it, but, wow, it’s a beautiful piece of work.
— Rob E.
Close view of a Porsche
Gorgeous photos, line drawings from the archives, all sorts of cool stuff…magnificently assembled. A bit over 250 pages of carefully assembled photos and descriptions. These guys have knocked it out of the park!
— Jim C.
Very well done—most photos I had not seen before. Not your normal magazine, that’s for sure!
— Ed M.
It’s going to keep me up at night! Subscribing is a no-brainer.
— Jim B.
Back view of Porsche
You won’t be disappointed! You can tell that it was done out of passion for the cars and the culture that follows them.
— Chris N.
The quality of the stock, formatting, composition, and photography is some of the best I’ve ever seen...
— Chuck M.
The content in the Prototype issue is just fantastic!
— Michael J.
Porsche on assembly line
Closer to a great book than a nice magazine, but not a standard book—an ‘evolving’ book. Besides including many important original factory documents, it has GREAT photos.
— Patrick S.
It’s bloody good, with serious nitty-gritty info that any Porsche-holic is going to find tasty. Photography is bonkers-good.
— Alex R.
I thank you for boxing it. Once I opened it, it was clear that the magazine deserves to be! Beautiful work indeed...
— Larry C.
I received mine yesterday. Very nice magazine. Although, it’s really more like a soft-cover book than a magazine. Fantastic pictures.
— Bill C.
Porsche on the road
Very nice to say the least. The first article I looked through was on the two 914-8s. Even though I’d seen many pictures of both before, there were several I’d never seen and lots of ‘new’ info. It’s going to take a while to get through the first issue, the ‘Prototyp.’
— Stu L.
The paper stock and printing are perfect. This is a keeper.
— Michael R.