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Registration is now closed. We’ll see you Saturday at PEC Atlanta!

For those who wish to display their Paint-to-Sample Porsche or their Porsche of an unusual factory color in the dedicated parking area, please register by clicking on the box below. Registration costs $35 and includes some cool 000 swag. Please remember that this special display area is limited only to genuine Paint-to-Sample cars, as well as those of unusual factory colors. (Rare Porsche models in common colors will not be accepted.) We reserve the right to cancel the registration and refund the $35 fee if a car does not meet these requirements. 

The event is free for those who wish to only attend (but not display a car), and complimentary parking will be provided.


Whether you are displaying a car at Rare Shades or attending as a spectator—or bringing guests—you must register all visitors' names via the link below. The security gate at Porsche Experience Center Atlanta must have the first and last name of all visitors. Please also be prepared to show government ID upon arrival at PECATL.